Deltebre, natural attraction

asterisc_okNatural and unique landscapes

Deltebre is the best place to discover nature thanks to its location in the heart of the Ebro Delta National Park. River, sea, river islands, dunes, lagoons… Unique landscapes to discover.


asterisc_okLand of colours

The rice cycle characterises the colour of the landscapes. Blue spring, green summer, yellow end of summer and earthy winter. Each season has its own charm.

asterisc_okEndless horizon

The landscape is characterised by flat lands which gives them a peculiar and unique aspect in all Catalonia.

asterisc_okHigh natural value

320 km2 of surface. The Ebro Delta is the most important wetland in Catalonia and the second one in the Iberian Peninsula. In 1983, it was declared protected area.

asterisc_okSource of life

343 species of birds seen and more than 500 of different species of vegetation including bulrushes, reedbeds, river honeysuckles and the main product of the territory, the rice.

asterisc_okRiver of life

The Ebro River, the largest one in the Iberian Peninsula, arrives to its mouth in the Delta after travelling 930 km. The Ebro River covers Deltebre’s lands, creating a wonderful landscape full of wetlands, rice fields, fine sand beaches…


Deltebre is a sustainable quality tourism destination. It is supported by the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism and the title of European Destination of Excellence.

asterisc_okTerres de l’Ebre Biosphere Reserve

In only 30 km of distance, Els Ports Natural Park and the Ebro Delta National Park offer a great landscape diversity covering from sandy areas and wetlands to the mountains at 1,500 m high.