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If you are looking for a combination between nature and culture, Deltebre is your place. Apart from a great natural heritage, you can also enjoy of an agenda full of cultural activities through the year. Performing arts, poetry, visual arts… and much more!


Every summer for fifteen days, Deltebre becomes the epicentre of the performing arts. If you are interested in the contemporary dance and circus world, you can experience it actively. If you are a professional of performing arts, here you have the chance to receive a training of excellence with prestigious teachers. If you want to get started in the world of contemporary dance and circus, you can carry out the beginners’ workshops, also taught by the same teachers. And if you want to see performances, you will have at your disposal a broad performances programme of avant-garde, high quality and free entrance. You will live a unique, innovative, multicultural and high quality experience. More information.


Every year during September, Deltebre celebrates a wide variety of activities on the occasion of the National Day of Catalonia: music, sports, jotas’ meetings, exhibitions, etc. On 10th September at night it takes place the institutional act followed by a concert that is the starting of the activities that will be celebrated during those days.

asterisc_okSANT GEORGE’S DAY

St George’s Day, is one of the most important cultural celebrations in Catalonia. In honour of the Day of the Book and the Rose, Deltebre organises several events and activities related with the literature and music.


Many of Deltebre’s traditional festivities are related to religion. At Easter, the Passion of Christ is represented in the streets with more than a hundred actors and live music.

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