The palates’ revolution

Our culinary wealth is one of our main attractions. Be inspired by the local cuisine, which will awake all your senses thanks to the fusion between the most traditional and modern recipes. Eyesight, smell and taste will burst with pleasure when you taste our high-quality and delicious local products and all paired with wine of the territory.


Our chefs are waiting for you in their restaurants to cook delightful recipes full of flavour and contrasts. More information.

The palates’ revolutionGASTRONOMIC WORKSHOPS

Rice is one of our top products but not the only one. Deltebre has a wide variety of high-qulity fresh products. In fact, local cuisine is enhanced throughout the year with various events, such as Mescla or gastronomic days.

Mescla is the Gastronomic Fair of Terres de l’Ebre, held in EbreTerra tourist information centre, where there is programmed a wide range of activities about gastronomy and the landscapes of Terres de l’Ebre. At Mescla you can come into contact with the gastronomy, landscapes and the tourist offer of the southern regions of Catalonia: Montsià, Baix Ebre, Ribera d’Ebre and Terra Alta. More information.

Throughout the year, Fecotur, the federation of commerce and tourism, organises various gastronomic workshops where you can taste the local products in our restaurants thanks to a wide variety of menus and tapas. In addition, in some of these events raffles are hold. Some of these events are: Eel gastronomic days (April), Mussel gastronomic day (July), Rice gastronomic days (September) and Duck gastronomic days (November). More information.


You can taste one of our most important products, the seafood. You can either sit at a table in a restaurant where our chefs will cook for you multiple and delicious seafood recipes. Or you can go offshore to taste seafood in the mussel beds. Relax your senses with a bout outgoing to the Fangar’s bay on the way to the mussel beds, where you can savour shellfish where it is bred. Mussels, oysters and prawns of the Delta from net to plate. More information.

asterisc_okRICE MUSEUM

After seeing the rice fields, aren’t you curious about this product? At the Rice Museum Molí de Rafelet you will visit the only museum with a functional wooden mill in the Ebro Delta. You will get into the traditional rice process in the Ebro Delta. Molí de Rafelet produces organic rice certified by the Catalan Council for Organic Agricultural production (CCPAE). More information.


After tasting our local products you will want to take some with you to cook them in your home.

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