What Is the Malayalam Meaning of Agreement


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If you`re writing content aimed at people who speak Malayalam, you`ll want to know the proper Malayalam meaning of the word “agreement.” So, let`s dive into it!

In Malayalam, the word for agreement is “ഒപ്പംമാറ്റം” (oppam maattam).

This word is made up of two parts: “ഒപ്പം” (oppam) meaning “consent” or “approval,” and “മാറ്റം” (maattam) meaning “changing” or “altering.”

Together, “ഒപ്പംമാറ്റം” (oppam maattam) can be translated as “consenting to change” or “mutual agreement.”

In legal or business contexts, “ഒപ്പംമാറ്റം” (oppam maattam) specifically refers to a formal agreement or contract between two or more parties.

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So, if you`re looking to create content for a Malayalam-speaking audience, understanding the proper meaning of words like “ഒപ്പംമാറ്റം” (oppam maattam) is a crucial part of your work.