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Mens sana in corpore sano. Deltebre’s landscapes will allow you to disconnect from the routine and dive into a state of calmness that will benefit your body and your mind. Even if you are on holiday, you will feel the need to do some exercise but just because it will be the perfect excuse to contemplate the landscapes: from long walks along the river to all types of water sports for the more daring.


If you like both sports and nature, this is your opportunity! The Garxal Desert Race is a race of 8 km that combines a circuit of sand and asphalt. The race takes place in the area of El Garxal, in the river mouth of the Ebro River. Dare you? More information.

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A night walk that goes through the recognised Ebro nature trail GR-99 from Fontibre (Cantabria) to Deltebre, with a total of 1,200 km and 42 stages. You can choose between the long route (18 km) and the short one (9 km). More information.


Each year, Deltebre becomes the stage of the Trilimit triathlon. It is a sports event that brings together more than 650 athletes from the zone. During a weekend, Deltebre is the capital of the triathlon in Catalonia. More information.


Enjoy running in nature and break the monotony of the urban routes. The land of Deltebre offers you a wide range of itineraries depending on your physical condition. And if you desire, you can make the same cycling tours. If you like sports, get ready to run through paths in open spaces next to rice fields, dunes, lagoons, the river… Meet again with yourself and with nature!


You can either do sports on land or in water. Why don’t you explore the river with a kayak? Or if you prefer a sailing session in the coast, you can enjoy the Mediterranean from one of its unique places. You can do different routes, all of them organised by several companies of the town which will let you experience nature in the final stretch of the Ebro River and the Mediterranean sea. More information.


Are you a lover of the wind, the sea and the salty air? Did you know that in Deltebre we have one of the best airs to practice kitesurf? And in addition, we have a unique landscape. So you will not only be at ease in the sea, but you will also experience unique sensations once you are on land. You will relax in our beaches with natural dunes. If you do not have your own kitesurf equipment, you can rent it in the town. More information.


The Delta is one of the Mediterranean most important places where you can practice recreational fishing. You can practice several techniques and find a great variety of species in its shoreline.

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