Fishing in the Ebro Delta

Before you go fishing in the Ebro Delta you should note that Deltebre is worldwide considered as the best fishing destination in the Ebro Delta and in the Mediterranean.

Its calm waters are rich in nutrients and host a wide variety of native species. Carps, sea bass, gilthead bream and ray’s bream live in the river alongside other species introduced by man such as the European catfish ant the mosquito fish. If you are an angler, you will really enjoy the opportunity to go fishing with local expert fisherman!



The best season for recreational fishing in the Ebro Delta is from May to November, when most of the species come to these waters. In any case, the large amount of nutrients that feed the Ebro River allows having many fish species all year round.

puntWhat do I need?

You need a licence that you can obtain from the following entities:

puntUseful tips


Club Nàutic Riumar organises fishing competitions in the calm waters of Deltebre. It is a great opportunity to show your talent and enjoy a nice day surrounded by nature. More information.

asterisc_okFISHING TRIPS

Deltebre is a paradise for the enthusiasts of both freshwater and sea fishing thanks to its privileged location next to the river and the coast. Rent a boat in one of Deltebre’s sportfishing centres or make one of their fishing trips. Embark, relax and good luck with the fishing! More information.

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