How to enjoy the best 24 hours in Deltebre

How to enjoy the best 24 hours in Deltebre

You only have a free day and you do not know what to do in 24 hours in Deltebre? Do not worry! Just because you have limited vacation time does not mean you cannot see and do many things. Therefore, we have created a 24-hour travel itinerary with some of the greatest experiences you must live if you visit us.

Tips to know before starting…

As you may already know, Deltebre is in the heart of the Ebro Delta Natural Park. The first thing you will notice about this place is its landscape: there are no hills here. This wetland is a 320 square metre flat surface with an almost perfectly straight line in the horizon. Therefore, bicycles are a handy and traditional means of transport in these lands.

You will see very different landscapes depending on the season you come. This is due to the rice cycle, which characterises the colours of the landscapes. You will see blue scenes if you come in spring; green views if you come in summer; yellow landscapes if you come at the end of the summer, and brown scenes if you come in winter.

You should also know that the people here have an attractive personality. You will find very welcoming great people who will make you feel at home. Finally, we would also want you to know that we are a sustainable tourism destination (which is another way to say that we are eco-friendly). We are confident that your help will let us conserve this natural heritage. So please, always follow the directions and recommendations.

If you find out more about our history, the Ebro Delta and Terres de l’Ebre, you will come fully prepared to live this amazing experience.

Let’s start!

10 a.m.: Visit the Ecomuseum

We will start our day visiting the Ecomuseum – Ebro Delta Natural Park Information Centre. There we will get more information about the Ebro Delta, its origins, history, architecture, festivals and traditions, etc. This place is perfect to get the maps and tour guides we will need. In the Ecomuseum they will inform us on how to get to the best places to visit.

11:30 a.m.: Punta del Fangar

After having all the necessary information, it is time to explore nature. We will go directly to visit one of the most significant spots in the Ebro Delta: Punta del Fangar. There we will see ‘La Faroleta’ that is the local name for the Fangar Lighthouse. As a curious fact, there we will walk through the only desert in Catalonia. This place has been a film location in famous productions such as Sahara, U2 music videos and local music band videos as well.

As it is a desert, it is highly recommended that you bring water and sun protection. If the weather is right, you can take the chance to swim in one of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean.

2 p.m.: Prepare your taste buds. It is time for lunch!

After the walk, it will be the perfect time to savour the local cuisine at any of the restaurants in Deltebre. You can choose according to the type of food you want to taste: rice from the area, traditional recipes, tapas & sandwiches, cuisines of the world… You can also choose a restaurant depending on how hungry you are. We can eat near the mouth of the river, in Riumar or we can go back to the centre of Deltebre.

4 p.m.: Enjoy the river

Visiting the Ebro River is a must do activity in Deltebre. Since we have limited time, you can choose between these three options according to your preferences:

Option 1: River cruise right down to the mouth of the river

Option 2: Kayaking or a self-manned boat ride

Option 3: Boat rides or river cruise ‘à la carte’ with whoever you want, whenever you want and for whatever you want

6 p.m.: A walk before dinner

With the last dose of sunlight on the horizon, we will take the opportunity to take a short walk along the route of El Garxal. This area is in the Ebro Delta Natural Park, between Riumar beach and the mouth of the river. This will be the perfect place to go bird watching (you can see the birds of the lagoons from the viewpoints). We will go to the Zigurat viewpoint, from where we will enjoy a magnificent panoramic view of the mouth of the river and the islands of Buda and Sant Antoni. This will be a time to fill yourself with positive energy. Oh! If it is summer, remember that from this time on you should take with you mosquito repellent!

8 p.m.: Time for a break

After our walk, we can cool off in one of the many beach bars there are in Riumar and Deltebre. You can drink something while watching the sea or the river, depending on the beach bar you go to. In summer, it is still a good time for the last dip of the day.

9:30 p.m.: Dinner time!

If you still have time, it is a good moment to do go dinner, because surely you must be very hungry. Before returning home, you can go to one of the restaurants and enjoy again the local recipes and specialities. It is also interesting that you take a look at the agenda of Deltebre, because you may find amazing night activities such as live opera on the beach or performing arts performances.

Ebro Delta Natural Park Information Centre – Ecomuseum

  • Opening hours: from Monday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Winter afternoon: from 3 to 5 p.m. Summer afternoon: from 3 to 6 p.m.
  • Address: C. Dr. Martí Buera, 22. 43580 – Deltebre
  • Duration: Guided tour: 1 hr – 1 hr 15 min / Free tour: 45 min – 1 hr 30 min

Punta del Fangar

  • Arrival by car to La Marquesa beach
  • Continue walking until you reach the Fangar Lighthouse
  • Duration: 1 hr 30 min brisk walking

River activities

  • River cruise duration: 45 min if we board the cruise in front of the island of Buda / 1 hr 30 min if we board in Deltebre
  • Boat rides ‘à la carte’: up to 12 people

El Garxal tour

  • Length: 1.5 km
  • Zigurat viewpoint: 7 m high

Check all the tourist services in Deltebre to better plan your experience.