Film locations: stunningly beautiful landscapes in Deltebre

The rice cycle defines the colour of the landscapes in Deltebre. Blue spring, green summer, yellow end of summer and brown winter. Whether you are a professional or an amateur photographer, Deltebre offers you unique settings that you will not find anywhere else.

From a desert in the middle of the sea to a river full of life. Rent a bicycle or a boat and do one of our nature trails, where you can capture incredible images. You can take as many photos as you want, but only from the designated areas to avoid disturbing the wildlife in these natural habitats. Ah! Remember to tag your photos if you post them on social media!

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Annually, Deltebre and l’Ametlla de Mar organise the Photo Contest Terres de l’Ebre. Everyone can participate in this contest, even if you are a professional photographer or amateur. It is one of the most important competitions of Terres de l’Ebre and it shows the wealth and variety of our landscapes, and at the same time it is committed to the talent of photographers. There are awards for the best photos.

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Deltebre is photogenic. The beauty of this place attracts more and more photo enthusiasts. You can also let your photographic imagination run free and participate in one of the several Instagram contests. More information.


The special charming of these lands, with places as Punta del Fangar, has generated an interest in this place that goes beyond tourism. Deltebre has become the perfect stage for film productions like Sahara (2005) or the music videos Vertigo (2004), by U2, or Baobab (2011), by the local music band CratOR. Deltebre has also been the main character in the TV programme El paisatge preferit de Catalunya on the Catalan national television TV3. If you want to record in Deltebre or in the surroundings, before you must contact the local administration in order to get your permission.

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