Videos about Deltebre

Videos about Deltebre

They say that the attraction is pure when it can be remembered. And when I close my eyes, I feel you…

This is how Deltebre’s promotional video begins. This video is a poem that reflects the stunning beauty of Deltebre’s landscapes and natural wealth in the heart of the Ebro Delta. These drone aerial views will blow you away. Plan your Deltebre trip. We will be waiting for you!


Mescla: Terres de l’Ebre cooking, landscape and tourism festival

Mescla is an event organised as part of DeltaFira. This event offers a wide-ranging programme of activities about Terres de l’Ebre cuisine and landscapes. At Mescla you will find the ingredients, landscapes and tourist attractions in the southern regions of Catalonia: Montsià, Baix Ebre, Ribera d’Ebre and Terra Alta.

Deltebre’s gastronomic revolution

The cuisine of Deltebre is one of our main attractions and one of the things that you will love doing in the Ebro Delta. Be inspired by the local cuisine, which will awake all your senses thanks to the fusion between the most traditional and modern recipes.

Festivals and traditions

Rice Festivals

Travel across time to see how rice was grown in our lands. In June, we celebrate the Rice Planting Festival, while the Rice Harvest Festival takes place in September. These events are the perfect opportunity to know more about how our forefathers worked the land. In addition, in both events we can taste Deltebre’s cuisine, there are demonstrations of traditional games… and many other activities!

Deltebre Carnival

Deltebre Carnival is the most spectacular party of the Ebro Delta. Over 1,300 people participate in a weekend full of activities. Streets become filled with colourful floats, costumes, music, dance and many awards too. You cannot miss it! In this video you will see a summary of Deltebre Carnival 2018.

Culture events

Festival Deltebre Dansa

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to merge performing arts and a natural beauty spot? The good news is that you do not have to imagine it anymore because it already exists and you will find this amazing combination in Deltebre! During 15 days in summer you can enjoy an avant-garde performances programme of different disciplines and artists from around the world. There are also professional workshops and workshops for beginners.

Trade fairs and tourism promotion

Deltebre at the 23rd Barcelona Manga Fair

Did you know that Deltebre was the main star in the Japanese cooking workshop at the 23rd Barcelona Manga Fair? In the framework of rice as a main player, our village played an active part in this event projecting Deltebre and the Ebro Delta’s tourist attractions and cuisine. Take a look at this summary video.

Deltebre at Madrid Fusión 2018

In Deltebre we love taking care of our tourism value. For this reason, we played actively at Madrid Fusión where we performed 19 tasting workshops to sample our local ingredients and cuisine. If you could not see us at this trade fair, you can take a look at this summary video.

Le Festival de Loire – Orléans

Deltebre was invited to the Festival de Loire in France in order to represent the Ebro River. The event hosted more than 650,000 visitors. There we could show our essence and traditions, and we build a traditional cabin next to the Loire River. In this video you can see the construction process as well as the beautiful atmosphere of the festival.