A coastline hidden among desert mirages and natural dunes. The salty air generates an immediate state of calm. To left and right, kilometres of fine sand are waiting for an afternoon walk. Behind, coastal dunes of vegetation hide you from the world. And in front of you, the feeling of vastness before a calm sea.

Our beaches are perfect to come with family or friends, but you can also come alone and enjoy your own space of relax. Put on your swimsuit, take your bike and let yourself go. This will be the best recipe against the stress of your daily routine.



Riumar beach is very close to the mouth of the Ebro River, next to El Garxal, a place of natural interest painted with standing waters and lagoons created by small islands. In front of the beach there is the Riumar’s population centre, where you can stay in one of its houses, apartments, campings or aparthotels.

Distance from the town: 9 km / Length: 1.1 km / Width: 80 m / Uses: ideal for kitesurfing and other water sports / Services: car access; walking access; beach warning flags; Red Cross; lifeguard service; WCs; showers; daily cleaning; catwalks; access for people with reduced mobility; seafront; distance from restaurants: less than 50 m; distance from parking area: less than 50 m; distance from bus stop: less than 50 m; pedalo hire, parasols and beach loungers: sports area; beach bars.


Bassa d’Arena beach is the longest one in the Delta (3 km long). It is the continuation of Riumar beach. There is a dog-friendly area (500 m) and another zone for fishing.

Distance from the town: 10 km / Length: 3 km / Width: 40 m / Uses: perfect to go with dogs, for fishing and to practise nudism (access to the nudist zone through La Marquesa beach) / Services: car access, walking access, wekly cleaning, distance from parking area: less than 50 m.


This beach is known for its high natural and landscape interest. Its charm is defined by the small dunes of fine sand in contrast to the open spaces and its complete peace. Next to the beach there is a bar & restaurant. Southbound from La Marquesa beach you can find the naturist beach section in Bassa d’Arena beach.

Distance from the town: 7 km / Length: 2.5 km / Width: 80 m / Services: car access, walking access, weekly cleaning, distance from restaurants: less than 50 m, distance from parking area: less than 50 m.


Is it a beach or a desert? El Fangar beach is in Punta del Fangar, a peninsula of 410 ha. This place is one of the most singular spots in the Delta thanks to its semidesert appearance. Noteworthy features are the well-preserved dune system and sandy areas. You can get to Punta del Fangar by a 4 km walk along the shoreline.

Distance from the town: 11 km / Length: 7 km / Width: 2.5 km / Services: walking access.

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