Experiences along the Ebro River

Stare at the river: does it go up or down? The slow swell of the Ebro River along with its distinctive bluish-green colour and the birds singing will hypnotise you. You will feel calmer than ever. After 930 km, the Ebro River arrives to its final stretch, passing through Deltebre. Sailing the river is one of the most incredible experiences you must try when you visit us.

Boat routes, kayaking, river cruises… Along the river you will get to very special spots such as the river mouth, Gràcia island, Gola de Migjorn, Sant Antoni island, Buda island and Sapinya island. Please keep in mind that all these places are restricted areas, so you cannot land on them.

asterisc_okRIVER CRUISES

Enticing sailings along the final stretch of the Ebro River with large vessels or speedboats. This amazing activity will get you to some high nature value landscapes such as the river mouth, Buda island or Sant Antoni island. You can also taste the regional cuisine if you choose a river cruise with meal service. See these lands from a different angle. More information.


One of the main natural attractions of Deltebre is the Ebro River. Can you imagine crewing your own boat and sail through a river full of life? Now you can do it! You only need to rent a boat. It is not necessary to have a special permission or licence, but is very important to follow all the indications that the rental companies will let you know. Keep in mind that you are in a privileged environment that has welcomed you, so please help us to protect it! More information.


There are also other options if you want to experience the Ebro River. For example, you can rent a boat and have an innovative party, a wedding party, a birdwatching trip, a magical night under the stars along the Ebro River… You choose whom you would like to go with, where and when!


Do you dare kayaking in the Ebro River at night and only guided by the light of the full moon? It is called ‘the magic night’ because of the emotions you experience in this water trip. In June and September there are organised several routes. You will only need a kayak (you rent it it in Deltebre). At the end of the route you can enjoy a dinner above the old ferry that was the main point of connection between the two banks of the river before the construction of the bridge Lo Passador. More information.


Instead of going down the river, go up! Boat ride from the mouth of the Ebro River to the upriver villages. You can visit some of the most important assets of Terres de l’Ebre. More information.

asterisc_okLLAGUT CATALÀ

Every year, Deltebre hosts one of the rowing competitions framed in the Catalan rowing league. All the rowing teams in Catalonia participate in this event. Deltebre also has a rowing team, A.E. Xino-Xano. The ‘llagut català’ is a boat that was created in Terres de l’Ebre as a fishing tool in the Ebro Delta.

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