Festivals and traditions in Deltebre

Festivals and traditions in Deltebre are a great way to know more about its people and history. There are lots of traditional events that keep our spirit alive and that will let you dive into our cultural heritage. You will plant rice, dance jotes, see the bullfighting… You will live and share an explosion of emotions with the local community.


On 20th May 1977, the districts of Jesús i Maria and La Cava gave birth to the village of Deltebre for independence from Tortosa. Since 1980, to celebrate this event Deltebre organises DeltaFira, which is a multi-sector fair where you can enjoy many leisure, cultural, gastronomy and sports activities.


The Rice Festivals are the perfect occasion to get into one of the main traditions in Deltebre: the traditional rice process in the Ebro Delta. In these festivals we represent the cultivation of rice according to traditional methods. There are two festivals: the Rice Planting Festival (in June) and the Rice Harvest Festival (in September). Get ready to go into the rice fields and experience the unique feeling of walking into the mud. And after, let the party get started: jota dance, popular meal, theatre, traditional games…


In summer, the municipality celebrates its local traditional festivals: Deltebre festival, Club Deportiu La Cava festival, Nit de Sant Joan (Saint John’s Eve), Barracot festival, Sant Ramon festival and Sant Miquel festival. Every year, multiple familiar events are organised: cultural activities, street processions, contests, activities for children, the typical bull embolat or capllaçat, orchestra, dance…


Each year after summer, Deltebre celebrates the Trobada de Grups de Ball de Jota, a meeting point for traditional jota dancers. It is an encounter full of music and movement. The jota, that can either be singed or danced, is one of the most emblematic elements of the folk music in Deltebre.


Many of Deltebre’s traditional festivities are related to religion. At Easter, the Passion of Christ is represented in the streets with more than a hundred actors and live music.


Deltebre Carnival has become the most spectacular party of all the Ebro Delta. This party is a benchmark thanks to its successful participation. Over 1,300 people and about 20 troupes participate. Streets become filled with colourful floats and costumes for an entire weekend in February. There are different awards as well as many activities programmed.

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