Nature trails in the Ebro Delta

Nature trails in the Ebro Delta are the perfect opportunity to discover the most unique walking paths to relax and connect yourself with nature.

Deltebre offers you a natural paradise that invites you to explore it calmly. Each route is a unique experience that will guide you by thousands of different landscapes: lagoons, rivers, beaches, rice fields… Natural pathways that will lead you closer to nature, this unique environment and landscapes.


Do you like cycling? Here you can discover the natural environment of the Ebro Delta through hundreds of kilometres of cycle paths and with and environmentally-friendly means of transport. Each setting will be different. You will find yourself in nature, so just try to enjoy the road! We propose you three excellent paths to discover and enjoy the best routes. And do not worry if you do not have a bicycle because you can rent one here. Each path is unique and has a special charm:

asterisc_okHORSE RIDING

You can enjoy our nature trails either by bicycle or on foot. However, you cannot miss the opportunity to ride a beautiful horse surrounded by stunning landscapes. You can contact some local horse centres to make outgoings and equestrian activities. More information.

asterisc_okGUIDED TOURS

If you want to discover the best kept secrets of Deltebre and all the natural environment of the Ebro Delta Natural Park, the best option is to contract a tourist guide service who will explain you all the details of this natural spot. It is an exceptional opportunity to spend a nice outdoor day. You will soak up Deltebre’s history, culture, traditions and the natural environment of the place. More information.


Instead of going down the river, go up! Boat ride from the mouth of the Ebro River to the upriver villages. You can visit some of the most important assets of Terres de l’Ebre. More information

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